Retaining Rings

Retaining rings are important for securing components to a shaft or the shaft itself so that it does not slide out of position. Retaining rings clamp around to create a shoulder that keeps parts in place - which is why they’re also called “snap rings.” LSI Supply carries a line of internal retaining rings for inside shafts and external retaining rings for securing the exterior.


External retaining rings sit in the grooves on the exterior of shafts of any size. The areas of the ring that protrude out from the shaft hold it in place. Internal rings push radial tension away from the center to component walls as it builds.

Choosing the right retaining ring for your needs is easy, and at LSI Supply, you can find the right size for the shaft diameter, construction material, and more. Talk to our team of experts - they can help you find the size that’s right for your needs. For the costs of retaining rings, please call your local LSI Supply location today.

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