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LSI Supply Inc. is Southwestern Ontario’s premium supplier and distributor of bearings, belts, sprockets, greases, keystock, and a wide range of other industrial products. You’ll find all the best products from top manufacturers, making the best products available so you don’t have to store obsolete parts. With up-to-date stock in five locations and excellent customer service, our team is ready to deliver cost savings from reduced downtime.

Bearings keep your machinery running, and almost every type of manufacturing and service equipment uses bearings. You’ll find the bearings you need at LSI Supply.

We carry belts, sheaves, and pulleys - as well as their intricate parts - that are engineered for rigorous, lengthy usage. Trust LSI Supply to keep your lines going longer.

Your power transmission needs high-quality chains and sprockets, and LSI has them in stock. You’ll find bushed sprockets, finished bore sprockets, minimum plain bore sprockets, and roller chains.

Pick up the greases and lubricants you need to keep the moving parts moving. You’ll find a wide range of applications, including industries like automotive, agriculture, and marine.

Keep yourself and your team safe with industrial gloves, fall and hearing protection, and other forms of maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) supplies. It’s part of LSI’s commitment to every part of the production line.

We carry the keystock you need to make machine keys, the important torque transmission devices for the shafts and components of your valuable equipment.

LSI Supply carries O-rings for valves, flanges, engines, and more from the top manufacturers. We bring superior sealing performance to companies across Ontario.

You’ll find high-quality, durable internal and external retaining rings for every bore or shaft diameter.

We are experts in sealing solutions for all kinds of industrial applications. Our team’s extensive, professional knowledge will mean you get the right seal the first time.

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Talk to the industrial supply experts at LSI Supply to get the best products for your needs. Phone or fax the location closest to you, or fill out the online form with your information and needs. We will respond to your message promptly.

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